Penn Appétit

Penn Appétit is a student-run food and drink magazine at the University of Pennsylvania. We publish a print issue each semester, and maintain a food-centric presence on campus.

I love everything about food: from making, to eating, to talking about it. Penn Appétit lets me take that love beyond my own kitchen. As a designer, I weave together stories, recipes, and photographs from our writers and photographers.

Food, especially in college, is intimately tied to social gatherings and communal experiences. To evoke the personal sentiments surrounding food, I often incorporate hand-drawn illustrations and typography into my designs.
Illustration also opens up the potential for visualizing extensive ingredient lists, or exotic dishes that we can't quite get our hands on. Feast your eyes!

Feeding Social Impact: the Nutrition Booklet

Food, health, and community are intertwined. Penn Appétit joined with Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI) to teach middle school students about healthy and sustainable eating habits. I worked to bring their mission to life, designing a 32-page print booklet from cover to cover.

The world of organic, farm-grown food is not inherently accessible. To engage a young audience, I utilized friendly illustrations and a vibrant color palette.

I balanced the goal of conveying detailed information with maintaining a playful tone. Given full control over how the print product looked, I worked with the writing team to bring our vision to print.