Penn Labs

I joined Penn Labs in Fall 2017 as a UI/UX designer. Penn Labs works closely with the University of Pennsylvania to bring university resources to the student body. To do this, we use the most accessible channels for reaching students: web and mobile apps.

Inclusivity and usability are core tenants of Penn Labs products. Apart from talking to our users to understand their needs, we also strive to maintain a presence as observers of day to day life on campus. This is our way of making our products work for more people.

My design work at Penn Labs includes UI/UX design and branding, as showcased in the projects below.

Each Penn Labs product is full of information. Oftentimes, interaction is needed to call up meaningful information. Otherwise, the space where information is meant to be displayed is in an "empty state." To fill these empty states, create consistent branding within a product, and encourage meaningful interactions, we use illustrations.

Penn Basics

When search or filter criteria has no matches, an empty state illustration appears. This prompts the user to redo the search.
More empty state and notification illustrations.

Penn Course Review

Courses from the table can be clicked, expanding details (sections, recitations, other instructors) in the lower container.