About my research

I am a research assistant in the Lampson Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. My research focuses on the structural stability of centromere proteins, and how this contributes to their retention on the DNA during cell cycling. I received a Velay Fellowship to conduct my research during Summer 2017.

One project I am involved with requires tracking mouse colonies with two genes of interest. We collect identifying data and genotyping for each mouse, and record this data in a spreadsheet. Although this allows for easy data entry, it is difficult to trace the genealogies of individual mice and isolate significant individuals for further breeding. I realized that the project could greatly benefit from a data visualization program that displays the genealogical data in a format similar to a family tree.

The MVP of this software will be locally-hosted bundle of a backend database, data entry interface, and visualization script. Down the line, I hope to implement interactive, draggable cards in the visualization interface, as well as an interface for formatting and outputting data.