May 9, 2020

Hyperlink garden 🌱

Been making lots of notes lately, mostly on reading and cooking. Here are links to my various Notion pages, all in one place for reference & accountability!


Daily Pages

Habit logging and some quick notes on what I accomplish each day. Since I currently have little use for a todo list, this is a pretty nice way of documenting things instead! Considering adding more columns (like exercise... heh). This is the complete view but I work with it week by week.

Book List

Quite incomplete. Most of the time I read on my Kindle, and haven't gotten around to transferring over highlighted sections yet. There are 2 views: Done or WIP, and To Do.

Short-form reading notes

Also quite incomplete. Sometimes I'll read things without the intention of keeping record. I'm thinking about how to be more purposeful with what I read (Notion jam sesh with friends incoming). Maybe organizing into some common topics instead of a single running list. It's just so easy to endlessly consume what Twitter gives me!


A Dish A Day Calendar

For a month, I challenged myself to make a dish a day (usually new recipes) and document the recipe, thoughts, and notes.

Cooking Notes

Since that first month ended, I've still been jotting down notes on the food that I cook so that I can replicate or improve dishes. This is a sort of transitory stage while I figure out a more consistent & detailed format for my food-blogging aspirations.

Kombucha Log

Obsessively brewing and experimenting with kombucha. Paying attention to how long each batch takes and what works/doesn't work.


Will be adding to this as I reorg and flesh out my notes. Some blog bullets/brainstorming/drafts may be there if I'm gutsy enough to put those out while I'm still ruminating on them. Maybe just high-level topics I'm considering writing about. △