May 7, 2020

Page number one

When I was little, I never knew how to start a journal. So I'd leave the first page blank. There was the practical reason, to protect ink from the wear and tear of rubbing against the inside cover. But most of all, there was the relief of being released from the burden of what to write on page number one. Never mind that even if I left the first page of the journal empty, I would still have to write my first page eventually.

So, here's my latest page number one. A page in which I'm not afforded the comfort of leaving empty space. And as always, I'm not sure exactly how to start. I do know that I've been taking the space to create, write (messily—just for myself—til now), and read more than ever, so it's time to put all of that in some kind of order.

This will be a thought catalog. It will be about things like what I'm making, or places I miss, or ideas I want to explore, or just the way I feel. Some things, I'll already have thought a lot about. Some things will have just crossed my mind. I don't expect to love every word I'm putting down, but I expect that things will still hold meaning when I come back to them. △