University of Pennsylvania
Biology, BA; minor in Biological Basis of Behavior & Health Services Management
Richard Montgomery High School
International Baccalaureate Diploma
Jan-May 2019

Growth Intern

Hector Beverages
Bangalore, India
  • Market research at F&B company, remote and in-office
  • Crafted data-driven go to market strategy: product offering and marketing plan for US
  • Inaugural class of 13 students selected as Wharton Entrepreneurship Fellows
Jan-Aug 2016

Marketing Intern

Rockville, MD
  • Developed marketing strategies including strong brand influencer network, A/B tested email campaigns
  • Created visual assets for online storefront, publications, marketing
  • Implemented new product development pipelines leveraging longtail market research
May-Aug 2015

Product Development Intern

Washington, DC
  • Developed UI/UX design, user acquisition strategy for new multiplayer features
  • Implemented outreach campaigns with 50,000+ monthly average users
Jan 2017-Present

Research Assistant

Lampson Lab, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
  • Characterize centromere protein mutations with immunofluorescence staining, quantitative image analysis
  • Develop and adapt scripts for high throughput image quantification in FIJI
  • Received Velay Fellowship to conduct research full-time in summer 2017
May-Aug 2018

Bioassay Development Intern

Gaithersburg, MD
  • Characterized bystander killing effect of antibody drug conjugates
  • Designed and conducted binding and cytotoxicity assays, live cell imaging and data analysis with IncuCyte, FACS, maintained cell cultures