Penn Labs


I'm passionate about building products that work for people. At Penn Labs, I wear many hats, from UI/UX design, to business development, to frontend web dev. I co-led the organization from 2018-2019.

Sketch, Figma, Invision
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
Project management, business development

About Penn Labs

Building tech for students, by students. We're a group of product designers, software engineers, and business developers working with school administrators and resources to improve life at Penn.

Penn Labs Website


Completed in Spring 2020, the site refresh let me tell the Penn Labs story in full. This is the organization that embodies everything I love about building things. My goals for the refresh: make it easier to learn about what we do, access our products, and engage with our organization. Along with crafting a cohesive online, visual, and stylistic presence.

I wrote created mockups and graphics, developed content for the site, and assisted in web dev.

Website home page

For each of our 7 products to date, I designed a standalone product landing page. Each landing page outlines main features of the product and links to the product itself.

This addresses a roadblock that we've experienced at Penn Labs. Students are generally familiar with our "flagship products," Penn Course Review and Penn Mobile, but may not be familiar with others. By explaining the use case for all our products, we make it easier for students to find the tools that will work for them.

Product landing page for Penn Course Alert

Penn Basics


When I joined Penn Labs as a UI/UX designer in Fall 2017, Penn Basics was the first product I worked on. Penn Basics centralizes information at Penn that is usually scattered across various university websites. It currently includes four main modules: dining, food trucks, laundry, and study spaces.

Modal displaying an individual food truck. Includes form for leaving a review.
Illustrations for empty states and notifications. Aims to reinforce visual style across the product.

Branding & Marketing


I worked on creating a cohesive and impactful Penn Labs brand. The goal was to improve our campus presence. Given our flagship products were trusted by so many students, a consistent visual language would reinforce that promise of high quality across all our products.

The Penn Courses suite is comprised of Penn Course Review, Penn Course Alert, and Penn Course Plan. I designed the logos for the former two. This established a visual language for the design of the newest product logo, seen on the far right.

Logos of Penn Courses suite products
Logos of Penn Basics and Penn Mobile

I also headed social media and email marketing initiatives. Through these marketing campaigns, we communicated with students about new features and product releases. Our Facebook presence let us reach our user base quickly with urgent announcements such as downtime or new available data.

Marketing assets for Facebook